Web Services Capabilities

24 Hour Answering Service

With ComNet our 24 hour answering service and interactive web capabilities are practically endless, but here are a few examples of the most common applications:

Chat: This feature allows you to offer site visitors the ability to chat online with one of our customer service representatives. They can ask questions and get immediate answers about the page they are viewing. With this connection on your webpage they can be in contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer service representatives will be completely familiar with your site and will answer the contact's inquiries or help them complete an order.

Callback: The callback feature allows site visitors the ability to request an immediate callback from one of our customer service representatives. The person simply fills in his/her phone number and clicks submit. Instantly, an e-mail is sent to ComNet. We call the user back immediately, day or night.

Push: When your customer contacts one of our customer service representatives using the service chat or the callback feature, we can "push" the right web pages back to your customer. This allows your customer to receive an immediate answer and allows them to complete their transaction quickly and more easily resulting in happier, more loyal customers for you.

Order Entry: If you have an order/entry-type system on your website, your web calls can be transferred to our customer service representatives. Our representative then enters the orders directly on your website. This way, ComNet can augment or replace your order counter or order entry department.

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