Service Examples

A Range of Service for a Variety of Customers

At ComNet, we customize answering services for many different types of businesses and clients, all with varied call answering requirements. Here are some examples of the services we perform for other clients. You may have similar needs, but packages are always customizable.

Medical Answering Service

Medical Offices: Our medical answering service can schedule appointments, contact the doctor on call, and take messages for the office including answering incoming patient care calls. If requested by the physician, and depending on specific circumstance, we may also refer patients to other destinations.

Absentee Lines: ComNet realizes that keeping you in touch with your employees is vital. We are available with our 24/7 answering service in case of illness, tardies, personal days, unforeseen events, etc. We will customize your script to gather the necessary information so you are aware of the situation ahead of time. Once we have your message we can text, email or fax the message to the appropriate supervisors.

Remote Receptionist Service: Our remote receptionist service provides agents that act as a company's receptionist. This duty may be fulltime, as an overflow receptionist, or as a fill-in receptionist if the client's regular receptionist is busy or at lunch. We are able to transfer calls to specific stations within the company, at which point the company phone system can take over or we can dispatch the call in any of the variety of methods described throughout this site.

Public Utilities / Municipalities: Our public utility/municipality clients have many needs. We take consumer calls reporting service outages, and then dispatch service personnel based on a specific system locator as designated by the individual utility. A customer database can be accessed for information lookup. We currently handle electrical, water, sewage, gas and street problems for many utilities and municipalities. Turn-off non-pays will be handled according to specific instructions, and we have the ability to accept payments for service restoration.

Service Companies / Property Management: Service companies like electricians, heating & cooling and plumbers have specific needs, especially for after hour answering services. We answer service calls and dispatch to service personnel according to our client's instructions. We also schedule service calls or schedule the call for the office's next business day. Property management companies may designate specific technicians for certain properties or may have different technicians on call for electrical problems, heating & cooling and plumbing problems. They may also require special reporting of service call classifications for tracking purposes, all of which can be included as a part of our service.

Funeral Homes: We support a number of Funeral Homes with prompt and specialized answering service. Our agents are specially trained in handling calls from the family as well as nursing home and hospital contacts. Calls will be handled in a compassionate, professional, caring and reliable manner and can be directed to the appropriate on-call director or removal service. Information about pending services and directions to the funeral home is all part of the service we provide. Funeral directors have access through our website to post pending services, retrieve messages and listen to calls.

Oil Field Service: ComNet works with many companies working in the oil field services industry. We provide basic messaging for those selling tooling and supplies to the producing companies. We currently provide SCADA system monitoring and Lone Worker check in services for large and medium oil and gas companies to help ensure the safety of the personnel and equipment in the oil and gas fields of Texas and Oklahoma.

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