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Inbound Order Entry

ComNet handles inbound order entry processes for many different types of business clients all with varied requirements. Here are some examples of the order entry functions we perform for other clients that you may feel are important for you.

Inbound Order Entry / Catalog Orders: We work with a variety of companies that sell everything from burial vaults, golf putting greens, specialized medical foods, text books for a university's graduate level programs, sports memorabilia, perfumes and fragrances. In some cases their telephone catalog orders are entered directly onto their website. For other clients our in-house order entry program fills the need.

Lead Capture: We answer information packet requests generated by television advertising throughout a three state area for a new-home builder. These leads are immediately e-mailed to the territory salesperson linked to the consumer's specific zip code. Simultaneously another copy is forwarded to the home office and imported into a database management program. Our 24/7 customer service representatives have also answered nationwide catalog requests for a large toy company and answered inquiries designed to boost enrollment in a large private school system.

Web Site Interactivity: We work with a client that supplies special low protein foods for patients with particular medical conditions. Many of their consumers prefer to place the initial order and reorders by toll free number rather than using the company web site. This is both for their convenience and the fact that they are not comfortable giving out credit card information on the web. The customer service representatives in our professional inbound call center take calls and enter the orders from the consumers directly on the company web site and process the credit card information to insure accurate and prompt delivery.

Outsourced order entry is just one of many services that we provide to our clients. For more information about our voicemail service, live answering services, or help desk support options please call us at 800.875.8118.


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