Web-based miReminders appointment reminder system provides automated appointment reminder and notification services without operator involvement. The miReminders notification campaigns can be predefined and scheduled for delivery at a later time as well as being delivered on an immediate basis, to any number of individuals. The miReminders automated appointment reminder system combines the accuracy of preprogrammed automated call dialing with the power of text-to-speech translation and the ease of Web accessibility to quickly contact the appropriate individuals. The individuals contacted can confirm that they have been notified.
The miReminders system issues notifications via telephone calls using text-to-speech telephone scripts driven by the Nuance integrated voice response (IVR) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine. Optional e-mail messages and SMS text messaging are available, as is the ability to issue reminders in Mexican Spanish and Canadian French in addition to English.

The miReminders can import up to 12 data fields for use with appointment reminders. The Call List worksheet is designed to help users compile the information to import into miReminders.

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